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First Get These Free Softwares..

1.Netsonic is a web accelerator programmed to increase the speed of your web viewing significantly by buffering the sites you have visited into its own cache. You can also program it to look ahead and download other links while you are viewing a webpage. When installing, set it to standard acceleration for frequent checks on updated webpages.

2.Macromedia Shockwave is an increasingly popular browser plug-in which enables you to view awesome graphics, animations and sound at websites authored using its software. Internet games and web site presentation improves hundred fold with this awesome plug-in. A must have!

3.Real Player G2 Allows instant playback of audio and visual files through buffering a small portion of the file while continuously downloading the rest of it. You can now watch the news or listen to music without having to wait eternally downloading the file.

4.Apple Quicktime Player Plug-in which allows you to watch video clips on your browser. Most video clips available over the net are saved in this efficient Quicktime format and requires this plug-in to view them.

Some Tips ..

1. Click Stop on your browser if you are tired of waiting for all the graphics to finish downloading. You will still be able to see the text contents or hyper links which will take you to what you are searching for.

2. Highlight the Text in an occasion where you come across a site whose text are the same color as its background due to lack of standardization among browsers. Highlighting the text by holding down on the mouse button and dragging the pointer across the text will inverse the color of the text making it visible.

3. Stuck in Frames? Click on the right mouse button and select Open Frame in New Window. This will pop up another window showing your desired site in a new window.

4. Unable to return to the last page? Some sites you visit inserts a 'jumper' command which automatically kicks you back to the second page every time you click on the Back Arrow on your browser to return to your 'previous' page. In this event, right click on the Back Arrow and select the site you want to return to.

5. Back Up You must keep a back up for your site so that if some one hacks your site ever the whole content is not lost and all your efforts don't go in vain .